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6 Benefits of Polyester Slings

When it comes to tasks like hoisting, towing, and lifting, slings are incredibly important. Their primary function is securing an object while being attached to a lifting or Polyester Slingspulling system. Depending on the job, you will need many different types of slings. For example, some objects can be sharp or abrasive, requiring a more heavy-duty chain sling. This article will outline the benefits of one type of sling in particular, the polyester sling, to give you a better idea of when it is appropriate to use them.


Because of the shape and flexible material of the sling, it can secure even the most unusually shaped objects more easily than other types of slings. Knowing that your load is tightly secured gives you peace of mind on the job.


Recognize the load-bearing capacity of the sling without having to read small print on labels, just by observing its color. Since each sling is immediately identifiable, it prevents costly mistakes where you can accidentally grab the wrong sling.

Light Weight

Polyester is a light, synthetic material, so slings are easily transported and stored. It also makes the sling easy to manipulate and use when you are trying to secure loads.


Unlike liquid-absorbent nylon slings, polyester slings repel fluids. Use them in environments where spills are likely to happen, because the liquid will not harm the sling or compromise its physical integrity. This feature also makes polyester slings resistant to mildew and decay, increasing their life-span.


There are 2 basic types of polyester slings: round and eye & eye. Round slings are essentially just big loops, which can be manipulated in a number of ways. Eye & eye slings have two smaller loops on either end of the sling body. Both of these styles are well suited to many different types of hitches.


Polyester slings are made up of continuously woven synthetic webs, giving them a uniform structure and making them incredibly durable and strong. They will last a long time, and when they need to be replaced, they are a relatively cost-effective sling solution.

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