About Us

Florida Wire & Rigging – Excellent Service…Every Time

We are a quality and dependable rigging shop in the Orlando area dedicated to solving and meeting all your rigging and safety needs.

We offer a wide variety of fall protection and safety products as well as theatrical and entertainment rigging supplies. We also offer a huge selection of lifting products; from synthetic, wire, chain and rope slings to bridles, electric hoists and more.

We have been serving the Florida community since 1956 with excellent service, dedication, and honesty. In December of 2022, we joined forces with the Bishop Lifting operations team and Altamont Capital ownership team. Our strategic partnership will allow both companies to expand our geographic reach and access a wider range of products, rentals, and services.

We are also the #1 source for all your custom rigging solutions. Call us or better yet, stop by and see us! We will give you the most trustworthy and safe advice in the industry to meet your rigging and safety needs.

Directions & Information

310 West Melody Lane, FL 32707
Phone: 407-422-6218 | 800-432-2269
Fax: 407-422-9614
Store Hours: Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm