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Accident Prevention through Education

Accident prevention starts where most things start—the classroom. Before most trades can begin a new position, they must be briefed on the specific rules and regulations for that site. So, why aren’t we more diligent when seeking out general accident prevention education the rest of the time?

Accident prevention education

Accident prevention education

Typically, accidents can be traced back to a miscommunication of the safety standards, or no education at all. Our understanding of accidents and best practices has never been better, so why are accidents still happening at the workplace? Instead of learning from accidents as they happen, we must invest in preventative measures and behaviors that cost us little in time and money and pays huge dividends in avoiding downtime from preventable workplace accidents.

The importance of fall protection


Do you work at heights, like on an aerial lift platform, a scaffold, or a bucket truck? Do you understand the importance of selecting, inspecting and record keeping in regards to your fall protection systems? Only proper fall prevention education can prepare a worker for what they can expect—all of the factors, foreseen and unforeseen—when they are working.

Most one-day courses will cover all of the required fall protection training to the satisfaction of safety boards. Be sure to choose an accident prevention course for fall rigging that includes the following:

  • Different fall protection systems and how they work
  • How to inspecting fall protection equipment
  • Maintaining and storing fall protection equipment
  • Properly sizing and fitting all components of the fall protection system
  • Record keeping, due diligence, and risk management

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If you believe you and your co-workers could benefit from a fall rigging course, consider using the Florida Wire to help educate them. With our new state-of-the-art facility, you can ensure the safety of your employees through hands on education. When it comes to the safety of your employees, don’t delay.
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