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Avoiding Crane Deaths Through Safe Practices

Avoiding Crane Deaths Through Safe Practices


The construction industry is massive with many different positions to be filled and skills to learn, but with any involvement in construction, safety should be the number one concern. Unfortunately, crane deaths continue to be one of the most common causes of death in construction.

The Facts

Only including those in construction, the United States has over 125,000 cranes in use. Because of the vast quantity of cranes, there at the very least twice as many people to operate them. When you combine that with other workers on the site as well as potential pedestrians nearby, there are just too many factors to account for. So much can go wrong resulting in injury or death.

The Root of the Problem

When there are so many variables at play, mistakes become easier and easier. Loads can accidentally be dropped which can seriously harm anybody below them. Other problems include rigging failure and improper crane assembly or dismantling. At its core, the issue comes from a failure to comply with safety regulations put in place to keep workers safe. Following the guidelines, no matter how tedious they may seem is a crucial step in saving lives.

Staying Safe

On top of following guidelines, the next step in promoting safety on site is to work exclusively with quality equipment to reduce your chances of it failing and harming someone or yourself. At Florida Wire, we only offer the best in equipment from rigging down to hard hats to ensure that you stay safe on future jobs. For more information, check out our extensive product guide or call us at 1-800-432-2269.