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Basics of Rigging Safety

Rigging Safety Basics

Most construction and manufacturing operations are inherently dangerous. There are many jobs which involve using heavy machinery and hazardous tools in unpredictable environments. Rigging operations definitely fall into this risky category. Since rigging involves handling and setting up heavy, unwieldy objects and structures, your team needs to understand how to perform each job safely. Rigging accidents are not minor ones since dropping heavy objects or swinging them carelessly will always cause damage to something. Here are some basic safety tips your team should keep in mind before and during every rigging operation.

Job and Job Site Considerations

  • Never attempt an operation that you haven’t been trained for or that you aren’t totally confident you can do safely.
  • Always take stock of your surroundings before beginning the operation to identify potential obstacles or problems before they happen.
  • Monitor that the area is kept free from other personnel for the duration of the operation.

Equipment Considerations

  • Check and double check rigging equipment to make sure that it has the capacity to handle the load safely and securely.
  • Inspect slings for signs of wear, kinks, or knots, and never use it if you find any.
  • Keep slings safe from damaging surfaces like sharp corners on the object.
  • Make sure the load is balanced evenly on the sling, and adjust if necessary so that you can always remain in full control during the lift.
  • Never load rigging equipment beyond its safe working load limit.

Operating Considerations

  • Stop and start the lift slowly to reduce the amount of force on rigging equipment.
  • Never lose control of the load by swinging or reacting suddenly.
  • Use a spotter to monitor conditions at the site throughout the lift.
  • Make sure to keep a safe distance from power lines during the lift.
  • Communicate effectively with the whole team during the lift to maintain safe conditions.

A safe rigging operation requires the use of the correct equipment for the job. At Florida Wire & Rigging, we have all the supplies you need to perform a rigging operation no matter the circumstances, whether it’s at a construction site, in a mine, or at a theme park. We can even custom-make rigging hardware for those especially tricky jobs. Call us today to learn more at 800-432-2269.