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Basic Hoisting and Rigging Guidelines

When there are already so many hazards at a construction site, you don’t need to create more for yourself. As if working with dangerous materials and equipment at great heights, while breathing in hazardous substances, on unsafe structures, and…

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How to Avoid an Accidental Crane Collision

Safety should always be the number one concern on a work site; however, when working with multiple overhead, mobile, or boom-type cranes, the risk of accidental contact is always present. Due to lack of oversight, accidental crane collisions…

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Planning Lifting and Rigging Operations

Performing a successful lifting or rigging operation isn’t as simple as slapping a sling on a load and firing up a crane. This is almost a surefire way to have a costly accident at the work site. Several steps must be taken before you should ev…

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Basics of Rigging Safety

Most construction and manufacturing operations are inherently dangerous. There are many jobs which involve using heavy machinery and hazardous tools in unpredictable environments. Rigging operations definitely fall into this risky category. Since…

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Commercial Zip Line Equipment

Zip lines appeal to the nature-lover and thrill-seeker in all of us – soar through the trees and enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors. Though some might have some safety concerns with zip lines, with the right gear and professional instructors…

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When Should You Remove a Synthetic Sling from Service?

Synthetic slings  are one of the industry’s go-to choices for projects; one of the reasons why they have become a popular choice is their durability and strength. Unfortunately, there are times when those durable accessories have outlived their …

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How Does a Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope Work?

Kinetic energy recovery rope offers users superior strength, excellent durability, and a significant amount of stretch to remove a variety of stuck vehicles safely and effectively.

How Kinetic Recovery Ropes Work

The recovery vehicle transfers …

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What Is a Tree Support System

Trees can be a beautiful addition to your yard if cared for properly, or a huge hassle if you don’t do things the right way. For example, some trees need a support system to keep them standing tall. Read on to learn more about tree support systems an…

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On-Site Product Training Seminars

At Florida Wire & Rigging, we understand that your job is inherently dangerous, whether you work with rigging supplies on a construction site, in a warehouse, in a theater, or at an adventure park. Proper rigging equipment can help minimize your …

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Working Load Limit vs. Breaking Strength


When it comes to rigging like ratchet straps, winch straps, and just about any other type of strap in the industry, working load limit (WLL)  and breaking strength are commonly used measuring metrics.

Every piece of load-bearing…

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