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Commercial Zip Line Equipment

Commercial zip line equipmentZip lines appeal to the nature-lover and thrill-seeker in all of us – soar through the trees and enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors. Though some might have some safety concerns with zip lines, with the right gear and professional instructors on hand, there’s no reason to worry. Creating the best zip line experience for your customers all starts with having the best equipment in the business to ensure that riders are safe, comfortable, and have peace of mind. Here’s a brief breakdown of the kind of gear you should have.

Riding Equipment

There’s a certain amount of equipment you’ll need for each rider that walks in the door. First, you’ll need hardware so that riders can attach themselves safely to the zip line and transfer between lines. Any zip line system involves the use of pulleys, since these devices allow riders to travel down the cable at a safe speed. Guests will be anchored to pulleys with lanyards attached to carabiners. Some lanyards have two lines, allowing riders to transfer to a different line without ever losing their anchor point. Finally, guests will attach themselves to this system by securing the carabiner into their harness.

Protective Gear

While the equipment listed above is all that one needs to ride a zip line in principle, guests will need a couple more pieces to ensure their safety during the duration of the activity. Because of the intense friction between the line itself and the pulley, the pulley can really heat up. In some systems, guests will be advised to keep one hand on the pulley at all times to keep themselves straight while flying down the line, so they will need gloves to protect their hands. Additionally, each rider will need a helmet just in case of emergency. These protective items will help guests feel more secure during the activity, allowing them to fully enjoy the thrills and adventure.

Adventure Park Supplies

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