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Developments in Rigging Hardware

Developments in Rigging Hardware

As the requirements and desires of the construction industry are constantly evolving, so is the world of rigging. Although many principles of a basic rigging operation haven’t changed entirely, the tools being used have been adapted to fit growing job demands and simplify on-site processes. Here is a look at the latest developments in rigging hardware, and where you can access these new tools.

Updates in Rope

Now fortified with steel, wire ropes have become an essential part of any heavy lift. While it’s crucial to make sure that the right size and dimensions are being used, it’s imperative that your rope is properly supported and connected. This shift to strengthen the bond between an object and its lift has led to developments in items such as wire rope sling anchorage connectors, which allows for extreme security in any fall protection system. Crew members can now fortify connections to even the most unthinkable objects and equipment.

Shifts in Concrete Anchors

Similar to anchorage connectors, concrete wedge anchors are significant players in fall protection systems. Wedge anchors provide tremendous holding values and have recently become some of the most trusted in mechanical expansion anchors. As the usage of these anchors and their related systems have grown over the past couple of decades, there have been updated options that now include reusability for a portable and durable application tool.

Changes in Swivels

Swivels aren’t new to the rigging industry, but they have been redesigned and redeveloped over time. Original swivel blocks were made of galvanized malleable iron, which separately attached to an upper eye hook. Although similar designs to the original swivel are still widely used, the swivel market has grown to offer these rigging essentials in all shapes, sizes, and strengths. Depending on the requirements of a job, it’s easy to find double-ended swivels that cater to smaller, more unique loads, or traditionally styled swivels that were made to move heavier loads.

Where to Find Them

Times and tools may have changed, but Florida Wire & Rigging wants every crew to have access to the latest in the rigging business. For more information on trending equipment in rigging, and help finding the pieces your crew needs, give us a call at 800-846-0309.