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Equipment Necessary in Cargo Control

Equipment Necessary in Cargo Control

For every specific job, there is a specific set of tools that will help you get the best results. When it comes to cargo control, however, the necessary equipment won’t only give you the best results; it will also ensure the safety and security of both your cargo and crew.   

The Importance of Cargo Control 

When containing and transporting a load, cargo control is of the upmost importance. Having the proper tools will help your crew sail through each task while preventing damage and maintaining a safe environment. Without the necessary equipment, you won’t be able to properly secure the load. Whether you’re traveling a few yards or hundreds of miles, a dropped or damaged load can be detrimental to the safety and success of your operation. Therefore, it’s imperative that you inspect, test, and approve each tool in your cargo control plan ahead of time. 

Top Cargo Control Tools 

While some tools are larger, made of different materials, and designed for completely different purposes, they each play a crucial role in the security of cargo transportation. The following tools are some of the most commonly used when controlling cargo.  

  • Transport chains — Depending on the load weight and tension, crews may use transport chains as a more durable method of tie-down. 
  • Load binders — To ensure a load doesn’t move, shift, or fall during transportation, load binders tighten the straps or chains surrounding it. 
  • Weld-on winches — A flexible part of a cargo tie-down system, you can apply weld-on winches almost anywhere on the side of a vehicle to attach tie-down straps. 
  • Winch straps — Similar to tie-down straps, winch straps stabilize and keep the load in place. 
  • E-tracks — For more flexibility, crews install E-tracks that contain multiple anchor points for easy tie-down. 

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