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Essential Wire Rope Supplies

Essential Wire Rope Supplies

There are three vital elements that make up a sound lift and rigging job: a highly trained crew, fortified safety planning, and the appropriate equipment. But to ensure each of the major components have the all clear, crewmembers need to line up a few minor parts as well. In fact, certain individual tools, like wire rope, require some key accessories of their own. If you’re preparing for an upcoming job, don’t give the lift plan a green light without first obtaining the following wire rope supplies. 

Hand Swagers and Oval Sleeves 

Oval sleeves are sleeves commonly used to hold wire together in a way that eliminates the blunt end of the cord. By bending the end of a wire backwards so that it meets the length of the cable and securing an oval sleeve over the piece, an oval sleeve creates an eye-shaped hole that has no beginning or end point.  

Hand swagers are, as the name implies, handheld tools. Designed to swage, or shape, copper, zinc, and aluminum oval sleeves onto wire ropes, hand swagers are a multi-functional tool that every crew should carry. They are available in multiple sizes and configurations; however, hand swagers aren’t designed as a one-tool-fits-all option. They typically come with additional cable cutting features, but hand swagers aren’t universal. Depending on the size of your oval sleeves, you’ll have to select a swager that properly fits the pieces. 

Wire Rope Cutters

While many hand swagers come equipped with wire rope cutting features, having a separate tool designated for cutting cables is crucial. Wire rope hand cutters often come with a set of triangle-shaped jaws that can quickly and effectively cut through steel cables without leaving any frays or crushed ends. Fortified with steel blades and protected with handle covers, hand cutters are both comfortable and durable. 

There are, however, another form of wire rope cutters that operate under different conditions. Impact-type wire rope cutters aren’t held like shears used to scissor through rope. To activate these independent cutters, workers have to strike the top of the cutter with a hammer to create impact. The execution may vary, but these kinds of cutters offer the same spectacular results. 

Wire Rope Grips 

Because safety comes first, so do grips. Whenever a crew needs to get a grip on any section of a wire rope, they affix a wire rope grip. These tools easily clamp and unclamp to provide quick grip on strong wire cables. Some of the most common wire grip configurations include: 

  • Haven’s grip – With a sturdy swing latch and a compact pressure, Haven’s grips are ideal for situations that require a lighter hold. 
  • Chicago grip – Thanks to double “V” grooves, Chicago grips have four-point contact and minimal chance of slippage, which is perfect for cables with high strength. 
  • Parallel-jaw grip – Pull cables of many widths and strengths with the parallel-jaw grip. With a latched design and serrated lower jaw, this grip isn’t going anywhere. 

When it gets down to the wire, you need the best wire rope supplies. Whether you’re searching for an industry-standard wire rope accessory or a custom-built piece of equipment, the team at Florida Wire & Rigging can supply. To fill your cart with all the necessary tools your next job needs, contact us today at 800-432-2269.