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Fall Protection Equipment and Training

Fall protection training and equipment is often taken for granted and unfortunately, this disregard can result in injury or death. Learning to properly use fall protection equipment such as harnesses and fall restraint systems can greatly reduce the number of injuries and deaths in the workplace.

Know the Numbers

In 2016, there were 4,836 work-related deaths. Falls were the second largest cause of death in work-related accidents with 800 incidents. When we look deeper into the numbers, it becomes all too prevalent that many of these deaths could easily be prevented with proper protection.

  • 648 deaths from the original 800 are from workers falling from one level to another, a horrible loss that could be avoided with an arrest system or fall restraint.
  • 449 workers faced fatal accidents after a fall from less than 30 feet, making up 82% of the 648 who fell from one level.
    • Within that grouping of workers who fell from one level, 2 in every 5 of them fall from merely 15 feet up.
    • 2 out of 5 of these workers fell from 15 feet or less.

These numbers clearly demonstrate that the largest concern isn’t falling off a building, but falling from one floor to the next. For smaller heights the risk is greatly underestimated, but concerns should not be minimalized.

Reducing Deaths from Falls

When it comes to keeping workers safe, there is no cost too great for human life. Fall protection can make all the difference, so avoid the risks, as even a drop from 15 feet can be deadly. At Florida Wire & Rigging, we have top of the line equipment to keep you safe and secure. Contact us today at 407-422-6218 for more information about our fall protection products.