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Florida Wire and Rigging Glossary of Terms

Florida Wire and Rigging Glossary of Terms

When it comes to rigging, there are many tools that you have at your disposal. Whether you are constructing with pipes or lifting heavy loads, you should familiarize yourself with your hardware and the functions they serve. Here is a collection of some equipment that can help you with future projects.

10 Foot Drop

See Drop Steel

5 Foot Drop

See Drop Steel

GAC Flex

A steel Galvanized Aircraft Cable configured in a loop, fitted into a polyester casing. Best used for heavy lifting requiring higher heat and cut resistance. Typical sizes are 3’ and 6’, but other sizes can be obtained.


A form of swivel coupler, a cheeseborough is simply a device with two clamps connected to each other that allow pipes to be connected to one another at various angles for scaffolding construction.


A coupler is the basic tool for connecting pipe based rigging and comes in many forms depending on the type of union needed.


Wire Rope Sling with a Thimble on each end for fitting attachment. Typical Slang term for a short drop steel. Typicall 1’, 2’, or 3’ Drop Steels are referred to as ‘dogbones’.

Drop Steel

Entertainment Industry Term for a 3/8” or ½” Wire Rope Sling with a Thimble on each end for shackle insertion. Can be any length. Typical lengths are 5’, 10’, 20’, 30’, 40’, & 50’.


A type of round sling using a galvanized steel aircraft cable looped in a circle surrounded by a fabric jacket. Capable of carrying heavier loads and with a higher heat rating.

Rigid Coupler

Sometimes referred to as a right-angle coupler for assembling tube-and-coupler scaffolding at right angles to each other.

Round Sling

A sling used for lifting cargo. It is made from high-strength yarn encased in a tubular covering for protection. A round sling’s main function is to connect cargo to the lifting equipment and they are color coded by weight capacity.


One of the most common rigged fittings, shackles employ removeable pins to connect to many forms of suspension such as slings or cable. Sometimes referred to as a ‘clevis’.

Swivel Coupler

Also called a dual swivel clamp, a swivel coupler joins two pipes at multiple different angles to each other.


A spanset is a form of round sling but instead of high-strength yarn it uses polyester fiber inside of s double walled tubular webbing.


An alloy consisting of iron and several other elements. Frequently used in construction due to it’s inexpensive production costs and high tensile strength.


A gripping device with full adjustability used for suspension. Versatile in any situation and will even hold cable in place if covered in oil.

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