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Hoist and Lifting Equipment for Your 2017 Jobs

Purchasing appropriate hoist and lifting equipment can save an employee from physical harm during a performance or while working on staging jobs. As you begin planning your jobs for 2017 and beyond, it’s important to take inventory of what hoist and lifting products you have in stock, and what new products you need to make your employees’ jobs more efficient.


Entertainers can add extreme stunts to their shows that require stagehands to hoist the performer or production equipment in the air. Ensuring you have quality hoists, trolleys, pulleys, and other equipment can allow you to easily lift heavy items or move lighting and people during a show without worry the entertainer or the crowd will be injured.


When you’re preparing for an event and setting up a stage, you are often required to move staging items that weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds, which is unreasonable for your team to lift manually. Utilizing the most appropriate hoists, pulleys, slings, and ropes can enable your team to work more efficiently and effectively.

Florida Wire & Rigging

Florida Wire & Rigging are proud distributors of the leading and most reliable brands such as Petzl, Harrington Hoist,  Rock Exotica, and Capital Safety. As you restock and update your equipment for 2017, consider these important hoist and lifting products:

The best thing you can do is make sure that you are getting high-quality hoist and lifting products to keep yourself and your employees safe. Contact us today at 800-432-2269 to speak with a specialist about meeting your hoist and lifting product needs.