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How Does a Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope Work?

Kinetic energy rope - floridawireKinetic energy recovery rope offers users superior strength, excellent durability, and a significant amount of stretch to remove a variety of stuck vehicles safely and effectively.

How Kinetic Recovery Ropes Work

The recovery vehicle transfers kinetic energy through the nylon rope to the vehicle that is stuck in the mud, snow, or sand. Most kinetic ropes can stretch up to 30 percent of their original length helping to reduce shock loads on vehicles. Once the potential energy stored in the rope reaches its maximum stretch, the rope transfers the stored energy into the vehicle that is stuck, pulling it free.

Why Bubba Recovery Ropes are Better

Bubba rope is developed from military specs, making it a tougher type of kinetic energy recovery rope. The only snatch rope with Gator-ize® coating, it is also:

  • Made of 100% double braided nylon rope
  • Expertly spliced and seized at each end to add to the strength of the eye
  • Waterproof, UV, and abrasive resistant
  • Known to have strength and durability beyond typical recovery ropes, which are certified at the factory

How to Choose Your Bubba Rope

When selecting a bubba rope to free your stuck vehicle, multiply the weight of the vehicle you need to recover by 3 1/2 or 4 times and then choose a rope whose breaking strength is equal to or greater than that number.

Your Official Bubble Rope Dealer

Florida Wire & Rigging offers a variety of durable kinetic energy recovery rope (KERR) manufactured by Bubba Rope that outperforms any standard recovery rope. Need help selecting the right kinetic recovery rope for your situation? Call us today at 1-800-432-2269 or fill out a form online.