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How to Avoid an Accidental Crane Collision

How to Avoid an Accidental Crane Collision

Safety should always be the number one concern on a work site; however, when working with multiple overhead, mobile, or boom-type cranes, the risk of accidental contact is always present. Due to lack of oversight, accidental crane collisions can be an unfortunate and destructive occurrence if safety precautions are not adhered to. While there are a number of measures that can be taken to prevent an incident related to high-reaching equipment, here are a few select tactics to help avoid a crane collision on your construction site.

De-Energize Overhead Cranes

An excellent way to avoid crane collisions is to power-down or “de-energize” the overhead crane nearest to the mobile crane. By making sure the overhead crane is de-energized, the other cranes in the bay can be operated cautiously without the fear of being knocked into by the tagged-out machine.

Set Crane Travel Parameters

To prevent accidental over-travel by the cranes, establish highly-visible markers that point-out the maximum travel limits of the bridge crane nearest to the mobile crane. This can be accomplished by installing:

  • Hard-stopping rail clamps on the runway rails
  • Bumper stops
  • Floor level barrier cones
  • Warning tape
  • Mechanical or electrical restrictors
  • Visible barricades

Position an “Umpire” Between Both Cranes

If two cranes move horizontally at the same time, they will collide. Having someone umpiring between the two machines will prevent unauthorized horizontal movement as the umpire will ensure one crane remains stationary while the other crane is in motion. All crane movement will be communicated to the overhead crane operator pending the umpire’s approval.

Establish a Thorough Safety Plan

Having a plan in place will minimize potential risk, damage, and harm. All worksite personnel should be trained to actively and appropriately respond in the event of an emergency collision. They should also be aware of and respect all existing operational protocols, such as the lifting and movement restrictions of high-reaching machines in congested work areas.

Stay Safe with Quality Equipment

To ensure the on-site safety of your workers, it’s best to work with quality safety equipment. From rigging to hard hats, Florida Wire provides the best in safety supplies and hardware for the construction, landscape, mining, staging, and theme park industries. For more information, check out our extensive product guide or call us at 1-800-432-2269.