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How to Select the Right Synthetic Web Sling

How to Select the Right Synthetic Web Sling

Everyone in your crew is clear on what a synthetic web sling is, but are they confident in how to select the right one for the job? Just like a shackle or swivel, synthetic web slings come in a number of configurations, which means the ideal one to use is unique to each job. While making your next synthetic web sling selection, keep the following features in mind. 

Size and Length 

Obviously, the right sling has to be the right size. Calculate the load weight to know exactly how many pounds need supporting—and which sling is going to be up for the job. To understand the exact length you need, measure the load-bearing points from top to bottom. The exact points to start your measurements may change depending on the type of synthetic web sling you select. For example, when using an eye and eye (EE) web sling, start and end your measurements from the top and bottom eyes.  

Ply Configurations  

Additional width lends more control to a sling, but additional layers add more strength. Each layer of a sling is also known as a ply. Synthetic web slings are often available in plies ranging from one to four, with one being the base layer of strength, two being the layer with a higher level of strength, and so on. The more plies a sling has, the stronger it becomes. Therefore, if you need even more power in your selection, you may want to choose or request a configuration with two or more plies. 

Sling Protection 

Synthetic web slings are some of the most cost-effective tools available, and properly protecting them can stretch your savings even further. When selecting the right web sling, think about the right security to go along with it. Simple accessories like sling pads can prolong the life and durability of your sling by guarding the sling from the edges or corners of a load. Without such protection, your sling will wear over time and potentially split while in use. Adding fixes like these can further prevent any unplanned accidents and keep your sling in the best condition for the job. 

If it’s time to replace your old sling or find an additional one to fit a complicated job, the lift and rigging experts at Florida Wire & Rigging can guide you to the right buy. Shuffle through our online product selection to find the right sling or partner with our team for a custom sling design. For more information on synthetic web slings and the ones we recommend most, contact us today at 800-432-2269.