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How to Take Measurements of an Overhead Bridge Crane

How to Take Measurements of an Overhead Bridge Crane

Overhead cranes are responsible for a lot of critical overhaul in a facility. They keep aisles and floor space open for production while seamlessly transporting heavy loads across the overhead area. Hence, when shopping for a new crane installation or a replacement for your retired one, it’s imperative to start your search knowing the size and span that will best fit your facility. From the crane span to the runway length to the actual building dimensions, here’s how to find the right measurements for your upcoming installation.    

Getting Started 

Overhead bridge cranes are undeniably massive installations. Despite their size and height, however, there are only two tools needed to measure the areas imperative to installation: measuring tape and a laser pointer. Along with a pad and writing utensil to take notes, these handheld tools will help you accurately measure crane span as well as the size of your runway beams and rails. You can even use them for an estimated measurement on the runway length, which will allow you to understand the capacity of crane travel that your facility can support. 

Taking Measurements 

From matching the right wheels to better forecasting the cost of materials, the following measurements will help you through the most significant steps in the selection and installation of your crane.     

  • Crane span – The crane span measures the distance between the center of one railway beam and the center of the next beam. 
  • Runway beams – You can easily measure the height of a beam up close or from a distance. If you have access to your overhead crane with a lift, run your tape measure from the top to the bottom. Or, use your laser pointer to measure the top and bottom points of the beam from a distance. 
  • Runway length – The runway length measures the distance the crane will actually move overhead, which you can measure by running your laser pointer from one end of the facility to the next and subtracting the difference. If you want an even more accurate representation, refer to your building plans.     
  • Rail size – The rail size is a comprehensive measurement of the width, head width, and height of the runway rails. 

Overhead cranes can be a huge relief to your everyday operations, but just one small malfunction or overlooked error can lead to serious financial loss and devastating safety liabilities. If you think it might be time to replace your existing crane or want to have your brand-new installation inspected, reach out to the team at Florida Wire & Rigging. We provide crane and sling inspections to keep your facility safe and your operations running smoothly. For more information, contact us today at 800-432-2269.