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Load Binder Basics

Load Binder Basics

Some crews try to secure loads with straps or rope, but the easiest and most effective way to guarantee safe cargo shipments is with the use of load binders. Also known as chain binders, load binders are mechanisms that fasten the chains around a load in transit. When a crew transports cargo without the strength of a load binder or without the proper load binder, there is a much higher risk of damaging the materials. Thus, knowing the correct applications of load binders is critical for your crew’s success.

Load Binder Types

There are two main types of load binders, and they use different structures to tighten the cargo chains. Load binder types include:

  • Ratchet Binder

    This type of binder builds tension by using a handle ratchet device with two tension hooks on each side. With adjustability and easy handling, ratchet binders don’t require a lot of force to effectively secure a load. Ratchet binders are much safer to use, but they cannot support as much force or tension as lever binders.

  • Lever Binder

    Like ratchet binders, lever binders also have tension hooks on the end of each side to tighten the chains around the load. But, rather than locking weight with tension, lever binders secure loads with leverage. With a minimal but strong design, lever binders can stock higher amounts of energy than ratchet binders, but require significantly more force to use.

Both of these load binders are compatible with the two main grades of chains used in shipments and transport, Grade 43 High Test Chains and Grade 70 Transport Chains.

Load Binder Warnings

Like with every other piece of equipment on the job, workers must only use load binders in manufacturer-approved ways and within specifications. Some safety tips to follow while transporting or securing a load include:

  • Never use handle extenders to tighten or release a load binder handle
  • Make sure the load binder handle is secure while tightening the chain
  • Always stay clear of moving binder handles

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