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OSHA No Longer Accepts CIC Certifications

OSHA No Longer Accepts CIC Certifications

As a leading provider of crane operator certifications, Crane Institute Certification (CIC) is a top resource for crewmembers looking to further their education and expand into other areas within the lift and rigging industry. CIC recently revealed, however, that the organization is no longer accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency. This shift within the organization therefore means that OSHA will no longer accept those with CIC-issued certifications as compliant under its operator certification requirement. 

This change, outlined in a trade release statement by OSHA, raises a lot of questions for crane operators with certifications endorsed by the organization. Are all CIC certifications void? How will CIC-accredited crane operators finish their current projects? Is there a grace period for those with recent certifications? Let’s take a closer look and find out why the rules changed and what it means for crane operators. 

Why the Certification Rules Changed    

Under OSHA requirement, crane operators must have active certifications from nationally accredited organizations. This has been a regulation within the organization as part of its mission to enforce the highest standards in safety and security. Because CIC no longer holds such status as a nationally accredited agency, crane operators with CIC-endorsed certifications are now liable for citations by OSHA.  

What It Means for Crane Operators 

Understanding that many CIC certified crane operators are currently involved with timely projects, OSHA has decided to continue accepting CIC certifications obtained before December 2, 2019 until the five-year period expires. However, all crane operators with CIC certifications or re-certifications issued after that date will have to pursue an alternative one from a nationally accredited agency. 

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