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Sling Tag Identification Requirements

Sling Tag Identification Requirements

To successfully pass inspections and meet the safety standards set by OSHA, every lift sling must have a manufacturer’s identification tag. The information on a sling tag provides details crucial for conducting a safe operation, but different slings come with different tag requirements. Therefore, understanding what information is necessary on each sling tag is essential to ensuring the security and efficiency of your next lift.

Tag Working Load

The working load limit or rated load limit reflects the weight that a sling can safely support. Each sling tag must feature the rated load for common types of hitches and for the common angles in which they might be loaded. To determine the rated load, manufacturers must analyze the hitch type, strength of the sling material, loading angle, and design.

Sling Types

Specific slings function best in specific lifting situations, which is why identification tags may come with unique information depending on the type of sling. Here are some of the most commonly used slings and their identification tag requirements.

Wire Rope

Every new wire rope sling must include the manufacturer’s name or trademark to provide traceability. Similarly, each tag needs to disclose the size of the sling along with the number of sling legs.

Synthetic Web Slings

Synthetic web slings come with tags that include the manufacturer’s information in the form of a name or trademark. The tags may also show the stock number of the manufacturer, and every tag needs to include the rated load for each hitch along with the type of synthetic material that the sling is made of.

Synthetic Round Slings

Similar to synthetic web slings, synthetic round slings must have identification tags that label the identity of the manufacturer along with their code or stock number. However, synthetic round sling tags must include the main type of material and, if different, the type of cover material that the sling is made of.

Tag Repairs

Identification tags are important to lifting crews because they provide information related to both the equipment components and capacity. That’s why OSHA also requires that every repaired sling has an attached tag with a record of all restorations. This makes the account of each repair traceable for any required examinations. Every repair tag must include:

Name of company that carried out the repair

Repair date

Repair details

When it comes to slings, evaluating every element of your equipment is the best way to prepare for a job. That’s why every Florida Wire & Rigging sling has an OSHA compliant identification tag permanently affixed to it. The team at Florida Wire & Rigging can inspect and certify slings to eliminate hazards and create a safe working environment for the entire crew. If you would like more information, please call us today at 800-846-0309.