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Pulleys are used to haul up equipment or raise a person in a rescue situation.

Some of them can be combined with a rope clamp to facilitate maneuvers, others allow movement along rope or cable.


Pulleys are tool that can be used in multiple systems: whether it is outdoor climbing, spending days on a big wall or setting up a Tyrolean traverse between two points, FWR has the right pulley for the task.

FWR has a wide selection of pulleys from the most trusted names in the industry. No matter the job you are working on and the requirements needed, we can outfit you and your crew with the best pulleys anywere.


Petzl Gemini

CLEARANCE   Model: P66A High efficiency, lightweight double Prusik pulley     … More info


Petzl Pro Traxion

Model: P51A Very efficient loss-resistant progress capture pulley     Overview … More info


Petzl Micro Taxion

Model: P53 High efficiency, ultra-compact progress capture pulley     Overview … More info


Petzl Partner

Model: P52A Ultra compact, high efficiency pulley     Overview Ultra compa… More info


Petzl Rescue

Model: P50A High strength, high efficiency pulley     Overview High effici… More info


Petzl Rescue - Black

Model: P50AN High strength, high efficiency pulley - Black     Overview High eff… More info


Petzl Pro

Model: P46 High-efficiency loss-proof pulley     Overview Openable even wh… More info


Petzl Mini

Model: P59A Lightweight Prusik pulley     Overview The lightweight MINI can handle b… More info


Petzl Minder

Model: P60A High strength, high efficiency Prusik pulley     Overview High-stren… More info


Petzl Twin

Model: P65A High strength, high efficiency double Prusik pulley     Overview … More info


Petzl Mobile

Model: P03A Versatile ultra-compact pulley     Overview Ultra lightweight … More info


Petzl FIXE - Black

Model: P05WN Versatile compact pulley - Black     Overview Versatile, comp… More info


Petzl FIXE

Model: P05W Versatile compact pulley     Overview Versatile, compact pulle… More info


Petzl Tandem

Model: P21 Double pulley for travel along ropes     Overview The TANDEM is desi… More info


Petzl Tandem Speed

Model: P21SPE Efficient double pulley for travel along ropes and cables     Overview … More info


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