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What Is Theatrical and Stage Rigging?

Theatrical rigging systems, also known as fly systems, are structures that allow stage crews to safely move and manipulate objects, effects, and cast members on and around the stage. These stage systems feature rope lines, pulleys, and other rigging arrangements that lift, lower, and horizontally fly props using backstage controls. The dramatic effects, lighting, and even the movement on stage wouldn’t be the same without the precise control of theatrical rigging. But, despite how fluid the on-stage effects might look, theatrical rigging requires as much caution as any other industrial arrangement. Common Types of Stage Rigging Depending on the size and structure of a stage, there are many ways to configure an appropriate fly system. Some of the most common […]

3 Ways to Use Gaff Tape

Crewmembers become familiar with endless amounts of equipment over their careers, but there are some highly specific tools that can fly under the radar until a peculiar job pops up. Gaff tape is one of the most synonymous pieces of equipment in the world of theater, but most crews don’t come across it until their first day assembling a stage arrangement.  This type of roll isn’t just an essential piece in creating a safe layout on set; it’s also the key ingredient to fixing unexpected accidents or obstacles. If your crew is taking on its first theatrical rigging job, here’s a peek at the tape that holds everything together. What Is Gaff Tape? Gaff tape has many names, including gaffer’s […]