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The Importance of Fall Protection Training

The Importance of Fall Protection Training


Construction jobs are incredibly dangerous, and without the right training, you run a severe risk of placing yourself and others in harm’s way. In America, there are four deaths every day related to fall protection, and with proper care in training, they might have been avoided. Per OSHA, one in three deaths in construction is due to falls from great heights, which is why treating these jobs seriously is vital to reducing injury and casualties on the job.

When is Fall Protection Necessary?

While many workers treat fall protection like an optional backup, there are many situations in which the law demands you use fall protection due to the imminent danger present. These situations include:

  • Any time a worker is on a sloped surface in which the slope is greater than 7:12
  • When a worker is on a structure which could result in a fall from greater than 7 ½ feet
  • If workers are at the height of 15 feet or greater and using beams, purlins, trusses, thrustouts, or plates.

Know Your Systems

There are different systems of fall protection for different situations, which can be exceptionally helpful given the right circumstances. The personal fall arrest is one of the more iconic and easily recognizable, consisting of a full body harness, which connects to a secured anchorage. If a worker were to fall from a great height, this system essentially catches them before they fall too far. There is also the personal fall restraint system, which is similar as it also involves a full body harness or belt connected to anchorage, except in this case, it is used to prevent workers from getting too close to dangerous ledges.

Staying Safe with the Best Equipment

At Florida Wire & Rigging, safety is our top priority, which is why we offer top of the line products. To maintain our standards for safety, we also provide on-site training to ensure that workers not only have the right protection, but they are using it properly for optimal safety. For more information about our products and services, contact us today at 800-432-2269.