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The Importance of Rigging & Fall Protection Training

The Importance of Rigging & Fall Protection Training

Being under prepared for most jobs might negatively affect your performance or give a bad image to management, but it can be devastating when you’re a part of a lifting or rigging crew. The damages from a fall on-site can be irreversible and sometimes fatal. Therefore, to prepare crew members with the knowledge to safely take on any lifting and rigging operation before them, they need the education of rigging and fall protection training.

Learning to Plan

Training doesn’t just help crews understand how to handle emergency situations, it teaches them how to prevent them. An untrained crew can still understand how to efficiently get through a job, but they won’t be able to secure it every step of the way. By understanding how to plan for a specific job, crews can map out a plan to minimize risk throughout the entire job.

Finding the Right Equipment

An essential way to secure a rigging job is to make sure that the right equipment is available on site. Rigging and fall protection training helps crews understand which tools are essential across every job and which tools are significant to more complex ones. And, once crews have the specialized tools and gear for a rigging job, proper rigging and fall protection instructors can demonstrate how to use and handle this equipment in potentially dangerous situations.

Inspecting the Tools

Beyond understanding how to find the right equipment, rigging and fall protection training prepares crews to be able to inspect their tools before each job. This step is crucial to every task that a crew performs, because it validates the equipment in use. If a crew is still uncertain how to properly inspect their equipment, certain rigging and fall protection instructors can perform the inspection themselves and secure the next job before it even starts.

Handling Emergency Situations

Despite how much we plan to avoid dangerous situations, they can still manage to get out of hand. Rigging and fall protection planning is significant because it prepares crew members to handle even the most unpredictable circumstances. Without rigging and fall protection training, crews may not be able to maneuver complex situations, which puts every member in danger.

At Florida Wire & Rigging, we want every crew to operate in the safest conditions possible. We provide custom equipment tailored to your most complex jobs and offer on-site training to ensure that your entire crew understands how to safely handle any situation. For more information or to start training your crew today, contact us at 800-432-2269.