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The Role of a Lift Director

The Role of a Lift Director

Lift directors are an essential part of lift and rigging operations because they are certified and trained to handle the complexities of each job. Lift directors must pass rigorous examinations appointed by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), which allows them to be held responsible for on-site incidents. There are many different aspects of rigging and lifting that a lift director must handle and regulate, but here are some of the main duties that make this position both challenging and rewarding for every crew and company.


Safety and quality are at the forefront of every rigging operation, and it’s the lift director’s job to ensure that these standards are being monitored. A lift director’s safety responsibilities include:

  • Addressing the crew and operator’s safety concerns before initializing the operation
  • Halting any crane operations if notified of a hazardous situation
  • Examining traffic controls and determining if the proper ones are being used


Lift directors must possess strong leadership capabilities to guide and instruct their operation workers through every step of the process. A lift director’s management responsibilities include:

  • Being present on-site during lifting and rigging operations to address concerns
  • Ensuring that trained and capable personnel are handling the rigging process
  • Confirming that all workers are fully aware of their tasks and potential hazards
  • Assigning and managing signal personnel that have been fully trained


Every lift and rigging operation have rules, and the lift director’s responsibility is to guarantee that everything follows these requirements. A lift director’s protocol responsibilities include:

  • Confirming that the load is correctly balanced and rigged
  • Meeting proper requirements before allowing special lifts or operations
  • Reviewing the lift plan with all workers who will be participating in the operation
  • Obtaining operator verification that the load does not exceed capacity

There’s nothing simple or easy about lift and rigging operations, which is why a strong lift director is significant. Whether you’re a newly certified lift director looking for more information, or a company hoping to elevate your lift director’s performance at your next operation, we offer a multitude of services that can help improve your search. Florida Wire & Rigging Supply provides on-site product training seminars, accident prevention through education, and custom rigging and lifting equipment that tailors to the needs of each job. For more information, call us at 800-846-0309.