Theatrical Rigging Equipment

Stage rigging is amongst the most important part of a theatrical performance. Backdrops, curtains, lighting, and other stage elements depend on rigging equipment to carry out their job. That’s why Florida Wire & Rigging has made it a goal to supply theatres across the county, from Broadway to the local production, with high quality stage rigging products that they can count on again and again.

At Florida Wire & Rigging Supply, we specialize in theatrical rigging equipment that is durable and dependable. We carry a variety of different pulleys, hoists, wire rope, chains, and hardware that is suitable for almost any theatre or stage. To make things even easier, our online store has a huge selection of stage rigging equipment that can be delivered straight to your door.

Custom Theatre Rigging

We understand that no two theaters are the same. That’s why we also have the ability to manufacture custom rigging hardware for theaters and stages with uncommon specifications. By sending us your desired dimensions, Florida Wire & Rigging Supply can create the perfect piece of hardware for any job. Whether you’re looking for custom hooks, shackles, swivels, or any other theatre rigging hardware, we can likely help.

Stage Rigging Inspection & Certification

Want to be sure your theatrical rigging equipment is still in safe, useable condition? Florida Wire & Rigging Supply offers equipment inspection and certification that minimizes the risk of a possible mishap during the performance. A thorough inspection by a trained professional can help keep performers safe while on stage.

Theme Park Rigging Equipment

Theme parks around the world use professional rigging equipment for rides, stages, stunts, and a multitude of other purposes on a daily basis. As an extension of our theatrical rigging supplies, we offer heavy duty them park rigging equipment that is used by some of the largest amusement parks in the world. Questions for Florida Wire & Rigging Supply? Contact us today by calling (800) 432-2269 or filling out the “Additional Information” form.