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Tips for Buying Rigging Equipment

Tips for Buying Rigging Equipment

have the right equipment for each job. Cheaply-made gear just isn’t dependable enough when your life is on the line. Neither will just any hoist or sling work — you need equipment specific to the job to ensure safety. Using gear beyond its safe working load limit or in a manner contrary to its design could cause a serious accident. But, how do you know what equipment you need to buy? These four questions should help you select the proper gear for your next operation.

What operation are you trying to perform?

Start by considering the nature of the job you need to do. You might think that a hook is a hook and can work for any type of rigging job, but that’s not necessarily true. Lifting an awkward piece of hardware requires much different equipment than lifting a square load. Sometimes, you’ll need taglines for loads which are liable to swing or twist during the lift, and other times you’ll need sling protection products to ensure that the load does not damage the sling. Each job is different, so consider the specifications to figure out what you need.  

How heavy is the load?

Now that you know generally which pieces of rigging equipment you need, it’s time to start picking out specific devices. The first step is to examine your load carefully. All of your equipment should be able to handle the weight of the load. So, check out the working load limit for each device to make sure it can safely secure the load. The working load limit is the maximum weight a device can handle without damage or failure, so pay close attention to this number on all the equipment you use.

Will you be dealing with severe environmental conditions?

Next, think about potential conditions at your jobsite which could damage equipment. The two most common environmental considerations are extreme temperatures and salinity. Each piece of rigging equipment should have a safe working temperature range listed, so be sure to choose extreme heat tolerant items when necessary. Likewise, stick with stainless steel gear if you will be working around salt water, since it can cause other metals to rust or corrode.

Is this equipment manufacturer reputable?

Finally, you need to make sure that the brand you are buying is trustworthy as well as the retailer. If the brand is relatively new or has a bad reputation for lower-quality equipment, ask yourself if it is really worth it to save a few dollars and potentially risk an equipment failure. Likewise, if the retailer does not seem to know how to use the equipment properly, you should probably look for a more trustworthy and knowledgeable provider. Otherwise, you could get misinformation about a product or a mishandled product which could cost you significantly.

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