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Tips for Buying the Right Lift and Rigging Equipment

Tips for Buying the Right Lift and Rigging Equipment

When researching products, you typically weigh the features and benefits of each alternative. However, when researching pieces of equipment for your next lift and rigging job, there are a few more things to take into consideration. If you want to make your next lift and rigging investment the best one yet, take a look at the following purchase tips.   

Load Limits

Before you start looking for equipment, understand the weight requirements of your upcoming job. From there, you can search for tools with working load limits that meet or exceed the weight of the load being lifted. If you were to purchase a tool with a working load limit less than the weight required, you risk slippage, torque, or another serious safety hazard. 

Environmental Factors 

Every tool is built to last under different environmental conditions — wind, rain, and shine. For example, certain metals are susceptible to bending or melting under high heat. Whether you’re working under extreme heat, freezing temperatures, or a mild climate, understanding your environment is imperative to selecting the right lift and rigging equipment. 

Manufacturer Reputability 

Perhaps screening the manufacturer is the best way to ensure that the tool you’ve researched and selected is capable. If you’re purchasing from a company that you aren’t familiar with, consider asking if others in your industry have any experience with the brand, or look up online reviews to get a general idea of product performance. Otherwise, you could unexpectedly end up with a poor-quality piece of equipment. 

Equipment Condition 

To yield all the benefits of your new tool for as long as safely possible, purchase one that’s been tested and approved to meet your needs. After finding a tool that meets all the technical requirements of your upcoming job, thoroughly inspect and maintain it. By failing to properly maintain your tools, you risk the safety of your crew and the long-term return on your investment. 

At Florida Wire & Rigging, we strive to create safe working conditions by equipping crews with the right tools and the right education. That’s why we offer premium lift and rigging equipment through our online store, as well as in-person training seminars, equipment inspections, and tool certifications. For more information on our lift and rigging products and services, contact us today at 800-432-2269.