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Understanding Lift Classification

Before you even think about involving yourself in a lift job, you need to go through the ever-crucial planning stage. In planning, you must evaluate the elements surrounding which characterize the lift to categorize it. Understanding the classification of your lift allows you to plan better for it.

Which Classification?

There are three categories of lifts: Incidental lifts, which are also referred to as ordinary lifts, pre-engineered and critical lifts.

  • Ordinary Lifts

    Very controlled with minimal danger.

  • Pre-Engineered Lifts

    Routine lifts which do meet the definition of a critical lift, though after assessment they are considered to have had the risk reduced enough to have the lift carried out given the proper equipment and supervision.

  • Critical Lifts

    Due to the high risk imposed by the lift confirmation of engineering is required, because of potential hazards such as location, size, or fragility of the load. Both ordinary and pre-engineered lifts can be classified as critical lifts when the hazards reach significant levels.

When a proper lift assessment is carried out, you can categorize it appropriately. Ordinary lifts typically tend to have lower risks and dangers, whereas the impact of these factors is high on critical or pre-engineered lifts. Some factors include:

  • Potential impact on schedule
  • Probability of worker injury
  • Potential for unintended radiation release
  • Significance of environmental impact
  • Potential impact on cost

Handling Your Lifts Properly

After you have classified your lift to understand it better, you can make a better assessment of the dangers and risks associated with it. Once you know what factors are involved, you can compensate with the appropriate cargo control equipment. At Florida Wire & Rigging, we have a comprehensive product line for all of your rigging needs to ensure the safest lift. For more information, give us a call today at 800-432-2269