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What Are the Different Types of Shackle Pins?

What Are the Different Types of Shackle Pins?

When it comes to lift and rigging projects, even the smallest bits of hardware can make a huge difference. For example, shackles are a universal piece of equipment, but the selection process is unique to each task at hand. Because crews use shackles for anything from hoisting to pulling, crewmembers need to weigh the length, flexibility, and torque of the project when determining which type of shackle to use.  

What Are Shackles? 

Shackles are obviously popular tools used throughout the lift and rigging industry. Known for their u-shaped curve, shackles link other pieces of equipment by threading a pin through each end, or ear, of the tool. Because crews use shackles for a range of tasks, manufacturers design these tools using various materials, in various sizes, and for various purposes. 

Shackle Pin Types

Shackle size, body, and material require careful consideration, but they aren’t the only components to evaluate when determining which one to use on the job. Depending on the flexibility needed for a certain task, there are multiple shackle pin types to compare. However, two of the most preferred pin types include:  

  • Screw Pin – Screw pin shackles are great for jobs that require flexibility. Inserting a pin through each ear and tightening for security, these shackles allow fast and efficient assembly and disassembly. However, these shackle pins aren’t ideal for extended projects or projects that are at high risk for load rotation.  
  • Bolt Type – This type of shackle is secure enough to handle rotations and long-term use. Featuring a nut, bolt, and pin, bolt type shackles serve as a hybrid between unthreaded round pin and screw pin shackles, and they are effective alternatives to either option. Secure under rotation and strong enough to stabilize long-term support, bolt type shackles, however, are not ideal for short-term tasks that require constant swaps. 

Whether you need the right size screw pin or a bolt type tool that can stay tough under torque, you can count on the catalog at Florida Wire & Rigging. Our wide selection of shackles and other lift and rigging equipment can help your crew safely sail through projects of all shapes and sizes. For more information or to learn more about our product line, call 800-432-2269 today.