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What Are Tree Support Systems?

What Are Tree Support Systems?

Tree support systems, like any other industrial support system, are used to simply provide added assistance where it’s needed most. While crews typically use support systems to securely move objects from one point to another, they use tree support systems to yield opposite results. Helping branches, stems, and roots to safely remain intact and in one place, these support systems are essential for many types of trees. Here’s everything you need to know about them.    

Why Install a Tree Support System

Both newly planted and long-standing trees can benefit from a support system. Because trees are often weak in their early development and in their latest years, this type of reinforcement can assist trees at any stage in the life cycle. Here are the top two reasons to install a tree support system. 

  • Prevent breakage – Established trees with long, heavy limbs or codominant, v-shaped stems are often weaker than trees with regular, strong stem systems. Without a support system, these types of trees are more susceptible to split or break during rain showers, snow, and bouts of high winds. 
  • Promote growth – Trees don’t have to be at their maximum weight to have a hard time standing. With young or newly planted trees, establishing a secure roothold can be difficult. A support system helps trees to stay upright and safely grow their roots deep into surrounding soil. When planted without support, trees are at risk of tipping or falling, causing severe root damage. 

How to Mount a Tree Support System 

Fortunately, the proper materials for a tree support system are consistent across each job. The strength, length, and amount of materials will vary depending on the size of the tree, however. The tools necessary to secure a tree support system include: 

  • Steel drives – Used to drive anchors into the ground, these essential tools are affordable and reusable in any tree support system installation. 
  • Tree anchors – These are attached to wire ropes and driven deep into the soil surrounding a tree to offer a stable foundation. 
  • Wire rope – This rope attaches to the anchor and wraps around the tree to connect the tree to the solid foundation. 
  • Wire rope clamps – These clamps tighten and connect certain parts of the wire rope that need more security around the tree. 
  • Tree collars – Wire rope slips through tree collars to encompass the trunk with a firm and safe grip.  

At Florida Wire & Rigging, we supply tree support kits, single anchors, and individual steel drives to help strengthen and stabilize trees of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Our DUCKBILL® Earth Anchor tree support kits are cost effective, safe, and simple to install, which makes them the perfect choice for your next project. To select your preassembled tree support kit or pick out individual pieces of equipment to create a system of your own, contact us today at 800-432-2269.