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What Is a Gantry Crane?

What Is a Gantry Crane?

There are countless steps to take when preparing your crane for a lift and rigging job — testing the proof load, inspecting the working load limit, and calculating the safety factor — but making sure you have the right crane is the most critical one. Without the right crane, your site is more likely to experience emergencies like shock loading and even load dropping. To ensure the next crane selection you make is the right one for the job, let’s take a closer look at one of the most widely used ones in the industry: the gantry crane.  

What Is a Gantry Crane? 

A gantry crane belongs to the overhead crane family, but its application is unique to most of its kind. Whereas traditional overhead cranes are structurally installed into a facility, gantry cranes are easily affixed to an existing overhead crane configuration, placed atop a set of wheels, or run on a track. Their simpler configuration makes gantry cranes a much more affordable and convenient alternative to most other overhead cranes. 

However, the requirements of the job will depend on which size and type of crane is necessary and secure. For example, larger, more established cranes are often used for the heavier applications, while smaller, mobile cranes are used to transport or suspend lighter loads. 

What Are the Different Types of Gantry Cranes? 

Whether you’re searching for an easy-to-transport crane to have around the facility or a heavy-duty one for your larger construction projects, you can typically find that you need among the many gantry crane options. Some of the most common gantry crane systems include: 

  • Semi-Gantry Crane – For projects that need as much floor space as possible, semi-gantry cranes are a strong option. Because they feature just one leg, these systems only require one runway for support. 
  • Full Gantry Crane – Well-equipped to counteract torque, full gantry cranes are some of the most widely used systems available. These two-legged, freestanding configurations are built for some of the most massive tasks. 
  • Adjustable Gantry Crane – Created with multiple configurations, adjustable gantry cranes have adaptable heights and spans that workers can manipulate as needed. 
  • Portable Gantry Crane – Portable gantry cranes are smaller and much more mobile. Best fit for lighter loads, portable gantry cranes feature wheels that allow for easy transportation and storage around a facility.  

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