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What Is a Jib Crane?

What Is a Jib Crane?

Most lift and rigging tools are designed with a specific purpose in mind, which is why crewmembers use them to maximize productivity of one specific task. However, some pieces of equipment, like jib cranes, can easily fill the role of many tools for use in many applications. Let’s take a look at the various types of jib crane systems and the most popular configurations. 

Jib Crane Settings, Applications, and Advantages 

While jib cranes, like other overhead lifting devices, are primary used to transport, lift, and lower loads, they are preferred in tighter settings. However, they can also be used alongside overhead cranes to increase productivity on larger job sites. Although jib cranes have a relatively simple structure and design, are easier to control, and don’t require a lot of servicing, they still have a multitude of moving parts that allow crewmembers to complete a variety of tasks in a variety of settings. 

The Several Jib Crane System Arrangements 

Crewmembers can modify jib crane systems to accommodate the load requirements, the span of the job site, and the structures available for them to attach to. Some of the most commonly used jib crane systems include: 

  • Foundationless — These freestanding jib crane systems offer flexible installation choices, cost-effectiveness, and portability. However, they are best used for smaller load requirements. 
  • Mast type — Simply and sturdily mounted to the floor, mast type jib crane systems are perfect for heavier load requirements. 
  • Articulating — Equipped with two swivel arms, articulating jib crane systems can be mounted in multiple ways to provide even more flexibility when lifting and lowering loads. 
  • Wall-mounted — Because they can attach to walls, columns, or overhead crane systems, wall-mounted jib crane systems can save space and easily navigate around obstacles on site.  
  • Wall-traveling — Similar to wall-mounted jib crane systems, wall-traveling systems can move past obstacles with ease while traveling on wall tracks. 
  • Workstation — While they are similar to mast type systems, workstation jib crane systems may also be mounted to the wall or installed on a portable application. 

Answers to Your Crane Questions 

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