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What is a Proof Load Test for Lifting and Rigging?

A proof load test is performed on different lifting and rigging components to ensure they can withstand the design load without failure or unacceptable deformation What is a Proof Load Test for Lifting and Rigging(yielding). To perform a proof load test, force is applied for a specific time, ranging from 1.1 to 1.5 times of the design load or maximum allowable working load (MAWL).

To guarantee lifting devices are manufactured to the strictest safety requirements, they are proof tested on a load testing machine capable of linear test pulls up to 400,000 pounds. Several types of tests are executed to determine proof loading of lifting products such as:

  • Overhead cranes and supporting runways
  • Patient hoists
  • Motor vehicle lifts
  • Building cleaning cradle and suspension equipment
  • Goods and passenger lifts
  • Telehandlers and forklifts
  • Lifting accessories
  • Chain blocks
  • Web slings

When is a Proof Load Test Required?

Proof load tests may be performed before a new unit or design can be used for service or to confirm that an existing unit is still functioning as intended. Accidents may result in situations where equipment is not inspected and maintained regularly.

Equipment used to carry people should be examined every six months, while equipment used for all other purposes should be tested every twelve months. All testing must be set in motion by a competent person who can use their professional judgment on what needs to be examined.

For most common equipment, methods of inspection include:

  • Visual examination
  • Functional checks
  • Measurements of wear
  • Traditional non-destructive testing
  • Load testing

When working in an industry that poses higher risks to danger, such as in construction, you can never leave anything to chance. Whether you are moving shipments in a warehouse or using rope as tag lines to control the load suspended by a crane; the material handling equipment must be tested for safety purposes. Not only is it common sense to properly check the equipment, but the law also requires it.

At Florida Wire & Rigging Supply (FWR), we not only manufacture custom rigging and lifting equipment custom made to fit your exact job requirements, but also professionally inspect your equipment on-site by performing proof load tests.

By having your equipment inspected and certified, you can be confident in your lifting and rigging equipment, and avoid the risk of a threatening situation from occurring. Contact us today with any questions you may have by calling 800-432-2269 or by filling out our online form.