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What Is a Rigid Rail Fall Protection System?

What Is a Rigid Rail Fall Protection System?

Lift and rigging assignments can put workers in unique situations that present potentially fatal accidents, which is why the systems designed to protect them are equally as unique. However, there is one fall protection system that can fit a variety of applications, secure workers in a number of settings, and support multiple crewmembers at a time: a rigid rail fall protection system.   

Components of a Rigid Rail Fall Protection System 

Like most other health and safety systems, rigid rail fall protection systems consist of an anchor, a body device, — one or more, if there are multiple workers using the system — and a connecting device. 

What makes them stand out from other systems is that they are flexible enough to protect workers in both confined spaces and large areas, simply adjusted to reach across lengthy distances, and easy to mount to multiple structures. Rigid rail systems can be customized to protect crewmembers in just about any lift and rigging job.  

Advantages of a Rigid Rail Fall Protection System

Sold to crews in predesigned arrangements or completely customized for specific jobs, rigid rail fall protection systems are a preferred option for many in the lift and rigging industry. Crews that select these systems over conventional wire-based ones often do so because rigid rail fall protection systems are:  

  • Ideal indoors and outdoors 
  • Easily affixable to different structures 
  • Capable of supporting multiple workers on the same setup
  • Less likely to sustain damage than other systems are in the event of a fall 

Disadvantages of a Rigid Rail Fall Protection System

Countless crews turn to rigid rail fall protection systems when they need a long-term option to protect multiple workers in multiple ways on site. However, some crews prefer to utilize other fall protection systems because rigid rail fall protection systems are: 

  • Typically sold at a higher price point than traditional systems 
  • Not portable enough for industries that frequent a variety of job sites 
  • Sometimes inadequate for specific jobs in which they require additional installations 

Get All the Fall Protection You Need 

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