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What is Bull Rigging?

What is Bull Rigging?

Every job has its individual obstacles, and sometimes a crew must approach a lift with a different perspective. Often referred to as “Tarzaning,” bull rigging is an approach used to take on some of the most challenging lifting and rigging operations. Your crew may not run into these situations often but having background knowledge to safely tackle them can be crucial. Here is a basic breakdown of bull rigging and what your crew can do to be prepared for it.

When to Use Bull Rigging

Although bull rigging isn’t typically the method to use for ordinary encounters on the job, it’s crucial to understand it before you have to put it to the test. Bull rigging is turned to when there is limited access to the equipment that needs moving. For instance, if an overhead or mobile crane cannot gain entry to a load, it could be unable to transfer it to a crane hook without bull rigging.

Although typically seen in industrial facilities like refineries, bull rigging can still become necessary in unexpected situations. Fortunately, with proper lift planning and site mapping, your crew can be ready to handle any situation that requires a bull rig.

How Bull Rigging is Done

The approach that is most feasible for a bull rigging situation may be unique, but there are still some standard measures that need to be taken beforehand, including estimating load weight, finding distribution, understanding tension, and determining the force required.

Once a crew has run through the regular protocol for examining a load, a specialized plan will need to be formulated. Luckily, there can be a lot of different ways to handle a load that’s hard to access, such as building a winch system, pulling horizontally, or using lever hoists.

Where to Get the Right Equipment

Sometimes, bull rigging is the best and only option to successfully complete a job, which is why it’s essential to have the proper equipment. You can count on Florida Wire & Rigging to create custom equipment for the specifications of each operation. To discuss the details of your next job and find the best tools to fit your needs, give us a call at 800-846-0309.