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Why Every Worker Should Wear Eye Protection

Why Every Worker Should Wear Eye Protection

If the majority of workers strap on their helmet without thinking twice, why do so many crewmembers take chances with eye protection? Slipping on a pair of glasses, goggles, or attachable eye shields could make the difference between a close call and a complete disaster; therefore, every employer should feel obligated to prioritize eye protection for their crew.  

Why Eye Injuries Are Common on Site

Just like shoes, pants, and shirts that aren’t the right size, it’s hard to work with eye protection that doesn’t fit. If eye protection accessories limit workers’ line of sight, they’re less likely to see glasses or goggles as a protective tool. Similarly, crewmembers are constantly pushing up their safety glasses or adjusting their goggles, they aren’t going to be able to focus on their key tasks.  

That’s why it’s important to equip your crew with tools that won’t budge when they do. Rather than offering your crew the same set of eyewear that could easily slip off of their face when they need it most, give your crewmembers eye protection that stays put. Attachable eye shields click right into the grooves of compatible helmets, which keeps them in place and easily accessible at all times.

Short- and Long-Term Eye Protection

Like a helmet, safety eyewear isn’t just about momentary protection; it can save crewmembers from both immediate and chronic health conditions. Because there are countless hazards on each job site, every crewmember is put at risk of bearing potential scrapes, cuts, and burns on a regular basis. Likewise, long-term exposure to certain hazards, like chemicals and micro particles, can lead to underlying eye diseases that may not present symptoms in workers for years. The most common hazards affecting crewmembers on the job include:

  • Chemicals
  • Falling debris
  • Smoke
  • Dust
  • Metal or wood chips

How to Minimize Eye Injury on the Job

The first step in minimizing eye injuries on the job is to minimize the amount of hazards on site. Before you release your crew, survey the area to understand whether you need to implement fall protection, hazard communication, or respiratory protection systems to protect your crew.

There are some accidents that are nearly impossible to prepare for, but there’s no excuse for accidents that could’ve easily been avoided. At Florida Wire & Rigging, we offer top-of-the-line eye protection so your crew can set the industry standards in safety. Browse our inventory for tinted or clear eye shields that attach right to any of our Vertex® helmets. Or, enroll in one of our accident prevention classes to protect your crew from head to toe. To learn more or find the right eye protection equipment for your crew, call us today at 800-846-0309.