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Why Industrial Hoisting and Rigging Training Matters

Why Industrial Hoisting and Rigging Training Matters

Even though hoisting and rigging companies understand the risks of their industry, not all of them think to proactively prevent them. Unfortunately, some companies fail to find an outside training program until they receive a citation or witness an accident on site. To protect your company and your crewmembers, take a look at all the reasons why industrial hoisting and rigging training should take priority today. 

Employee Retention 

Educated employees notice when you’ve put an investment into their time working with your company. And typically, this behavior encourages them to continue investing their time. Therefore, signing your crew up for an industrial hoisting and rigging training course will not only inform your workers where it matters most, but it will also elevate your employee retention. 

Coaching workers on how to handle emergency situations empowers them to feel confident during crunch time. Likewise, teaching them how to inspect and best handle their equipment may help them to feel secure in their on-site procedures and attuned to educating those around them. 

On-Site Safety 

Regardless of the type of lift or rigging job, there’s always at least one hazard on site. Even after combing through your lift plan, evaluating the location’s safety, and preparing with the best equipment for the job, there are still quite a few things that could go wrong. To minimize the likeliness for error and maximize the security of your equipment and crew, you’ll need to make sure every worker is on the same page. 

Furthermore, without hoisting and rigging training, your crewmembers might have different ideas of what is and what isn’t standard protocol. Because just one lapse of judgement can have serious consequences on site, comprehensive training matters to your lift and rigging company.  

Worker Liability 

Less accidents means less liabilities — so if you aren’t committed enough to choose training for your crew, choose it for yourself. By training your staff, you can prevent your insurance expenses from pushing past your regular premium. Helping you avoid accidents and educate your crewmembers on how to effectively work out of them, an industrial hoisting and rigging training program can help you avoid costly liabilities. 

Furthermore, finding a training program that understand OSHA standards lowers your risk of landing an on-site citation. Before you set out on another job, think about whether you’d rather put your time and money toward training or take a gamble with your cash and your crew.   

At Florida Wire & Rigging, we can provide your crew with expert training to keep your expenses and accidents at an all-time low. Furthermore, we can help you to establish a standard of safety across every one of your crewmembers, encouraging them to continue learning with your company. Call us today to sign up for your first training session at 800-432-2269.