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The Importance of Rigging & Fall Protection Training

Being under prepared for most jobs might negatively affect your performance or give a bad image to management, but it can be devastating when you’re a part of a lifting or rigging crew. The damages from a fall on-site can be irreversible and sometimes fatal. Therefore, to prepare crew members with the knowledge to safely take on any lifting and rigging operation before them, they need the education of rigging and fall protection training. Learning to Plan Training doesn’t just help crews understand how to handle emergency situations, it teaches them how to prevent them. An untrained crew can still understand how to efficiently get through a job, but they won’t be able to secure it every step of the […]

What is Bull Rigging?

Every job has its individual obstacles, and sometimes a crew must approach a lift with a different perspective. Often referred to as “Tarzaning,” bull rigging is an approach used to take on some of the most challenging lifting and rigging operations. Your crew may not run into these situations often but having background knowledge to safely tackle them can be crucial. Here is a basic breakdown of bull rigging and what your crew can do to be prepared for it. When to Use Bull Rigging Although bull rigging isn’t typically the method to use for ordinary encounters on the job, it’s crucial to understand it before you have to put it to the test. Bull rigging is turned to when […]

Using Ronin for Rigging, Winching, and Hoisting

We are excited to announce that we will now be carrying the revolutionary Ronin Lift at Florida Wire & Rigging Supply! This product is sure to change the way you work at your job site. Though originally developed as a rope ascender for climbing and other outdoor activities, those in commercial services like rigging and construction have quickly come to see the advantages Ronin units can offer. Product Information The Ronin Lift is unlike any other product on the market. It is a personal rope ascender that is fully portable, battery powered, and lightweight, making it incredibly convenient to use and transport. It weighs less than 20 pounds with the battery pack attached, but it has a safe working load […]