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How to Prepare for an Emergency in the Workplace

How to Prepare for an Emergency in the Workplace

Unpredictable and potentially fatal, a workplace emergency can take the form of anything from a natural disaster to a chemical spill. If such an emergency overtook your crew’s jobsite today, would your workers have a plan of action to follow? Would they know which worker was assigned to which critical task? Perhaps most importantly, would you know how to alert your crew if they were entirely unaware of the situation? If you failed to answer or even had to hesitate, it’s time to redesign your emergency action plan or create one from scratch. 

What Is an Emergency Action Plan?

Similar to a critical lift plan, emergency action plans assign a set of safety standards and protocols for industrial companies and their workers during emergency situations. Designed to help companies prepare for any situation imaginable, emergency action plans include an evacuation map with exit routes, company contact information, and a range of assigned duties for crewmembers. While OSHA does not require every employer to create one, having an emergency action plan is a critical tool that can allow your workers to navigate emergencies with clear minds and a concrete plan of action. 

Creating Your Emergency Action Plan 

Emergency action plans are comprehensive, and they require a bit of creative thought regarding the potential emergencies your workers could face. For example, the emergency action plan for a hurricane will look completely different from the emergency action plan for a radiological disaster. Therefore, your emergency action plan requires multiple sets of information for each potential outcome. After brainstorming the emergencies relative to your location, industry, and job tasks, clearly lay out a set of plans for each situation that includes: 

  • a plan to account for workers after the incident 
  • means of communication for non-English speakers 
  • a clear list of job duties in order of hierarchy 
  • details of which personnel will be in charge of medical care 
  • a plan of action for reporting the incident (pulling a fire alarm, etc.) 
  • employee assignments for those who must carry out critical tasks 
  • a primary and backup route to safely exit the area 

To create an emergency action plan that combines industry expertise with the insight of your own employees, partner with Florida Wire & Rigging. Through our multiple training and inspection courses, we can teach your team of workers how to become experts in their field, which allows them to put the best input into your emergency action plan. In case of emergency on your site, feel free to call our emergency line at 407-383-1955. Or, for any of your everyday lift and rigging inquiries, give us a call at 800-432-2269.